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City Relocations

Why choose City Relocations?

Searching for property is a very time consuming and sometimes fruitless process. Clients who use our service appreciate that it is essential to have someone focused on progressing their search on a day to day basis. It can take a long time to get a good idea of what represents fair value and in a rising market, where pickings are slim and competition is high, being quick enough off the mark to stand a chance of buying a good property is a real challenge. Because we will filter out properties that do not match your requirements your time will not be wasted seeing properties that will not work for you. Our clients tell us that our service alleviates the usual frustrations they experience when searching for property and deliverers results quickly.

We do what others don’t.

Our services


  1.  Building relationships
  2. Unrivalled access
  3.  Local Knowledge
  4.  Negotiation
  5.  Saving you time and money
  6.  Due-Diligence

1 – Building relationships

All my business relationships are built on the fundamentals of honesty, integrity and reliability. We will start, therefore, by building a real understanding of your Company’s objectives and from there will strive to deliver first class service without compromise. With a clear brief in mind we will find you the property you want. If you have not decided exactly where to buy or do not know what sort of property your budget will yield in different areas we can help you shape your brief.

2 – Unrivalled access

Through our strong relationships with many Limerick City property professional companies such as various Estate Agents and property management companies, we have direct access to properties before they come to the open market. With supply in the Sales and Rental market quite low, prices rising and an influx of professionals moving to Limerick City, it is proving extremely difficult for applicants to locate suitable properties at a satisfactory price. We take on all the leg work of the search, creating a short list of previewed properties that we feel best match your brief and accompany you to viewings. Our clients value being collected from home or work and being driven to appointments and having one point of contact throughout their search.

3 – Local Knowledge

We are situated in the heart of Limerick City and have over fourteen years property experience in the Mid-West region and blended with our International Sales & Letting experience, we are able to provide a service far superior to any of our competitors. Our expertise primarily is focused on the Mid-West Region which includes Limerick City and surrounding Towns, along with Shannon Co. Clare. But we have been known to source properties in Galway City and Cork City also advice on local Schools, Crèches, Sporting Clubs, Restaurants, local business, travel, etc, giving you an in-depth knowledge into how Limerick City ticks.

4 – Negotiations

I have been trained in the art of negotiation in one of Central London’s most respected Estate Agents, Faron Sutaria. Once the ideal property has been found we undertake detailed price comparison research using Land Registry data and on-market comparables to establish what we believe to be fair market value. We will then agree a negotiation strategy with you and work to secure the most favourable terms with the vendor, landlord or estate agent.

5 – Saving you time & money

Many of our clients are working in the corporate sector in high pressured environments and find it difficult to get the time to search for suitable properties and can sometimes be a time-consuming process. After meeting you to discuss the brief and the clients’ specific criteria, we take the sting out of the process by selecting a number of potential properties through our contacts and preview them which will result in us narrowing down a shortlist to 2-3 suitable properties. After a property is chosen, we will then negotiate the terms of the letting with the view of achieving the very best outcome for you, our client.

6 – Due-diligence

As well as advising on values before negotiating, we have a network of contact who we can introduce to undertake the required due diligence to ensure your purchase is a sound one from a legal and structural perspective. The contacts we recommend are tried and tested professionals who offer a service commensurate with our own.

We act as first point of contact with all parties involved in the purchase/letting and will manage the process on a day-to-day basis. Being actively involved in the process is critical and it also enables you to focus on other commitments in the knowledge your purchase/letting is being progressed quickly and efficiently.

Fees – Fees may vary depending on our clients specific requirements.  All costs will be outlined and agreed at our initial brief. Fees will only be incurred, if we are successful in securing a property.

For more information about our City Relocation Service and how our agents can assist you, please contact us on:

T: +353 61 609365 

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